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    UNANG YAKAP protocols of DOH

    Objective 1: Dry and provide warmth and prevent hypothermia.

    • Double gloves before delivery.
    • USe clean, dry cloth to thoroughly dry the baby.
    • Do a quick check on breathing while drying.
    • Do not put the baby on cold or wet surface.
    • Do not bathe earlier than 6 hours after delivery. 
    • Put in a warm safe place close to the mother. (if the baby is to be separted from the mother)

    Objective 2: Facilitate bonding between the mother and baby through skin-to-skin contact to reduce likelihood of infection and hypoglycemia.

    • Place the baby prone on the mother’s abdomen or chest.
    • Cover the baby’s back with blanket; head with bonnet.
    • Put an ID band on baby’s ankle.
    • If possible, do not separate the baby to the mother.

    Objective 3: Reduce incidence of anemia in term newborns and intraventricular hemorrhage in preterm newborns by delaying cord clamping.

    • Remove first set of gloves immediately prior to cord clamping.
    • Clamp the cord after pulsation have stopped (1-3 minutes). Do not milk toward the newborn.
    • Clamp 2cm and 5 cm from the newborn’s abdomen and cut the cord between the 2 clamps.
    • Administer 10 iu of oxytocin to the mother.

    Objective 4.1:  Facilitate initiation of breastfeeding.

    • Observe newborn for feeding cues: opening of mouth, tonguing, licking and rooting. 
    • Encourage newborn to move towards the breast.

    Objective 4.2: Proper eyecare and immunization procedures.

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